Toting the Tot

I have a very close friend that had her first child at the age of 40. Yes 40! And then my ex-hubby paired up with a lovely lady and they had a baby when he (the ex not the baby) was 50. OMG!

Well looking at raising a child from in your 20's to looking at it from "middle" age is quite a major difference. But I found one item that works to the benefit from any age. You see I like to give gifts that will really help the parents. And you see diaper bags, all kinds of ways to keep your dear one cleaned up and always seems to be nail clippers. I want to help bring baby closer to mom and dad. And I feel this is the best way ever. Literally!

Baby Slings
are one of the best ways to keep your darling right next to you. They feel so cuddled and safe. And as you can see men can look just as "sexy" wearing one also. (well at least this man did!)

When my CG was a wee one I used a ergo baby carrier. I loved that I could use this and take the pressure off of my lower back when I was holding her. And that I could do the majority of my chores with her too. Also as she grew I was able to change the carrier around and put her on my back. CG did a lot of "mall" walking when she was little for my exercise program.

What is your favorite baby gift? How did you carry your darling around the most. Would you not prefer one of these to the heavy and bulky car seat carriers around now?


  1. my favorite baby gifts were the quilts that became my children's blankies. each blankie was well-loved and cherished and in some cases are still accompanying their owners to bed!

  2. i've never used one of those...i was kicking it old school lol not sure i had a favorite baby gift. had my 1st when i was 21 and my other two at 30 and 32. my ex just had his 4th child lil over yr ago, but he's 35 lol i'm 42...i don't get the need to start over esp when your kids are half grown. he also has a son who is 16..our girls are now 12 and 10. but hey, whatever lol

  3. My girlfriend and her husband raised their son. He turned 23 and and moved out of the house - next thing you know ooops she's pregnant at 44. What the hospital staff was most surprised at is that it was the same father.


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