A bit of quiet time

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Today life seems quiet. We are all waiting to hear of any outcome for our family with the twins. Still do not know how the dad is doing at the hospital. Family will not relay any information to the mom. The mom is arriving now with the 2 yr old twins and the 4 yr old boy and the 6 yr old girl before she goes to work at the nursing home. I am going to start referring to this family as the Twin Family (TF). There is all sorts of stories flying around our lil town as to what has happened. And to speculation as to who is at fault. This is not making it any easier for the mom or kids. We are also worried on the custody issues since dad is hospitalized in unknown condition. His family is reported to be here to try and take the kids with them. TF mom has contacted her lawyer but he is not seeming to be concerned til he knows what the police say about it all. Meanwhile the school is not sure what to do since the dad had full custody and mom only visitation. It is just too much at one time.

Otherwise we are doing the same as before. Watching the kids, taking them to school and back here. Trying to keep things here on the same schedule as before. Make it where the kids are not worried. I am working on keeping the house up. It seems like we have been up and down so much here lately. With TF mom living with us for a month. She now has a rental. Just get her moved and this happens. CG is getting ready to leave for a new semester. She currently has one of her BFF here visiting for a week. It feels like a revolving door. LOL Dear Nessa across the street says for a calm house we sure do have a lot going on here.

But for now, the babies are sleeping. The TF kids are watching Blue's Clues. I am making coffee for me and hot tea for my mom. Life is not to loud. And we have a lil time for breakfast before we start getting kids off to school. Oh for these quiet times.


  1. wow... i cant wait to hear how this story unfolds. this is so so sad... my heart just aches for those poor kids. you are a true angel! im getting the diapers inthe mail today... there's a little something tucked in them to help out... i know you will make the wisest decision about how to spend it most helpfully.

  2. I am praying for some peace for the TF. When TF Mom was here yesterday telling me about all that is going on, I just broke down. I am amazed at her ability to keep it as together as she is. All I can do is turn it over to Him. Oh and feed people, I'm good at that.

  3. I am in awe at your story. And thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious.


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