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Jewel at Pink Ink has been kind enough to give me an award. I am all a twitter about it. THANKS JEWEL. Honestly I am honored that she reads my blogs and comments so often. Jewel is one of you that help me stay focused so often. Actually my followers are few but all great women. I am honored that you have chose me to follow.

Now, on another note. I have an award, YEAH ME! Ha Ha. I am looking forward to presenting this award to you also. What is the Marie Antoinette award for you ask? Well it is not for chopping off heads (even though I feel like it sometimes). This award is for bloggers that blog about real life. Yeah simple enough. We all do that. I know that I so use this blog as my sounding board. As a matter of fact that is why I came again today. Only to find I was a chosen one. So it helped me feel a bit better. (Seasonal stress is hard)

I now get to pose a question to you and let you then pose one back to me. I will be willing to answer any and all. Just remember you get what you ask for so be afraid. LOL I am willing to let you know more about me if you wish.

My question is not easy really. It is one that deals with you soul and spirit.
Just how do you get the Christmas spirit?
I do the cooking, gifts, music and decorations. But it just never seems to get there. I know why we have Christmas and do not like all the commercialism of it. Jesus birth and the grace that has been bestowed on us as a gift is amazing. I can be in awe of that alone now and any time of the year. But I just never feel excited about this season. And I really want to.
So again, tell me how do you get the Christmas Spirit?

And what do you want to know about me?

I hereby nominate the following 7 bloggers who must pass it on to 7 bloggers. Or not, depending on their aversion to blog awards. These are bloggers whom I can always count on to give me a wonderful peek into their REAL selves. Here goes:


  1. OH. MY. STARS!!!! I haven't seen this one before. Thank you so much. I'm SO flattered and really needed this pick-me-up. Ohhhhhh could I post about real life today. Good gravy. Where's my coffee?

  2. Let's see... Christmas music, baking, decorating, looking at lights, seeing the Nutcracker - there are so many ways!

  3. Awww...I love this award! There is this hilarious catalog that makes a Marie Antoinette doll - with a button you can push to be off with her head :-)

    As for getting into the season...I just love Christmas. But this year...because we have these Kittius destructicus...I have yet to put any of my Christmas stuff out. There's no tree. Advent calendar. Creche. So...I am struggling a bit this year.

    But...with my daughter's choir...hearing the voices of children...that always puts me in the spirit...

  4. Congratulatoins on your award!! And your name;)

    How do I get in the Christmas spirit? I wish I remembered! This year I seem to have lost it, I've unpacked all of my Christmas decorations, pulled everything out, decorated like mad (even the animals, lol) and well, I can't find the spirit:( UGH

  5. Congrats on the Marie, I love that one!!

    OK, Christmas spirit. This one would be kinda hard to do yourself because it actually is my husband. He is MR. Christmas!! Everything about it he loves and celebrates! It's very hard not to be in the spirit with him around.

    But, when I want to really dig deep and be washed in the spirit, I focus on Mary, mother of Jesus. What she must have been feeling, what she must have thought, what she must have gone through at the birth. How amazing to know you are actually pregnant with the Son of God, it just blows me away!!

    OK girl my question, I'm all about the food, what are your favorite food to make at Christmas??

  6. first of all
    THANKS!!! i am SO flattered and honored you chose me. thank you thank you thank you. im still blushing!!! so now... what gets me in the christmas spirit?

    well.... i just like to give things to people. i like to make people happy. for me the miracle of christmas occurs every day i do something kind and unexpected. at christmas its easy because there's lots of things to do that. it's the rest of the year where its harder to remember that if we could only hold on to this spirit of generosity, of kindness, of treating each other how we would like to be treated ourselves (and treating ourselves that way so everyone knows what we want). so the short answer is... if i want to get into the christmas spirit, i do something nice for someone. and sometimes, that someone is ME. :).

    and as for what i want to know about you... i hope to do your reading today!!! its been so crazy... i didn't actually notice the email til last night (im sorry me bad)... thanks again andlook for an answer for me sometime today~!!!!! xoxoxxoxo

  7. Thank you, Lynette! That's so sweet! What a beautiful award.

    Congrats on your receiving it!!!

  8. Congrats on your award! You know I think your blog rocks!

    I missed you today! I do hope you get in better spirits soon. I'm struggling this holiday season too, but I think mine is because of my looming bday. Sending you lots of hugs and warm thoughts!

    Help! I'm trapped over here and can't escape! Today I've looked like I have the mumps most of the day. The swelling has finally gone down, but it hurts! On the up side, Ash should be able to go back to school tomorrow, yippee!

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww THANK YOU! I haven't seen this award yet!!! I'm so so soooo beyond behind posting my awards. I can't promise that I'll get to it. I'm so bad at that! lol You sure know how to make someone's day! ;-)

    Answers to your questions...
    --I get in the spirit of Christmas by first listening to Christmas music EVERYDAY starting on Thanksgiving. ;-) I love it
    --I want to know what your most favorite memory of childhood is.


  10. Oh, Lynette, how sweet! Sorry I'm late seeing this.

    I'm glad I can lift you up some; I'm really happy to know you!

    As for Christmas, I don't know the answer; sometimes I struggle "getting" into the mood when I think of the shopping list. I think I feel it more when I take the time to just sit quietly somewhere. Watching my kids be happy and silly during this season, you know, about the little things like snow and cookies and Charlie Brown movie is a good antidote for the Grinch :-)

    My belated question for you: How did you raise a daughter that has the confidence to be in theater?? :-)

  11. WOWZA! What a great thing to come home to!! THANK YOU!!!!:)


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