Time to make the Cookies

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Well I started the cookie thang yesterday. I made 6 dozen peanut butter cookies. And today I need to get off my lazy pa-toookie and get much more done. The spirit is still non existent here at this house. We may know what we are to do in the season but it still seems to just pass us on. I have been having carols playing all day long in my home and filling it with good smells and yummy things. Working on cooking good dinners and having a heart full of "cheer" ? Well full.
I still like the best part of each day. 4 a.m. All still asleep and I have peace and quiet and no one expecting anything of me.
Well til 5 a.m. Then time to get all 5 dogs out to do their thang. And fix hubby's snack box so he does not starve to death before noon. He thinks he will if he does not have chips, candy, ding dongs, cookies, and assorted nuts and all. I am not sure if I am sending him off to work every day or to hang out at the all boy camp. Yeah I agree, the latter. By 6 a.m. I have my mom's hot water on for hot tea. Give her a crystal creamer with her milk, china sugar bowl filled and my (yes mine) cup/tea pot set for her morning warmth. Time to let the hoard of dogs back in the house. And pray my neighbor will be willing to come and have a cup of coffee with me. She has been really under the weather a lot here lately. Worry about her. VISIT HER. By 8 a.m. college girl is up and needing to go and brush her teeth, brush her hair, put on deodorant and wash her face. But instead I get hugs and kisses first. Yeah me. Try to fix a bite to eat by now. Some toast and jam or hot cereal. Force my mom into eating. And have college girl out the door soon for school. Yeah, I have been up for over 4 hours by this time and not accomplished a thing. Seems I spin my wheels day after day and feel tired but not getting a thing done. You do this? Feel this way? OK I get little things done. Like wiping the bathroom sink in the back bathroom. Or folding a load of laundry and putting it away. And the dishes from yesterdays chili are done and drying. Coffee is made. YEAH! And I have managed to pet all 5 dogs, 3 cats and hug and kiss a hubby, college girl and mom. Guess I should not be too hard on myself. You know I will do anything to get out of cookie making I think.


  1. you made me drool with that picture of those cookies. yum yum yum.... and yeah, i KNOW exactly what you mean... that spinning your wheels feeling where the more dishes you wash, teh more you have to wash. one thing's very clear... you are one great mom, daughter, wife and friend! i am so glad i found your blog :).

  2. Love those peanut butter cookies! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a saucy comment!

  3. #1 I want your recipe! lol the cookies look so good...damn diet...
    #2 I want your chili! lol can you tell I haven't had any breakfast yet! Thanks for the post SITstah! I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Have a good Tuesday! :o)

  4. I loved your post! You are one busy caring mom, wife, daughter and of course pet mommy!

    We have six dogs, and I had to laugh at the part where you have to let them all out every morning and then bring the "hoard" back in. That is soooo our house too.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and HUGS!!

    P.S. Thanks for the bloggy visit too!

  5. I like that cookie photo. I enjoy making cookies. Probably because I enjoy eating them. lol

    You have a lot of pets!!


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