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Heather (mindless junque) said... Good gravy. Where's my coffee?
Well I don't really think it is her question. But I know that I am forever losing my things. Especially my glasses. I take them off to see something close up then I walk away. Next thing I know I can't see to find them again. Bad thing to be looking around with my eyes all squinted at all the counter tops and all. Asking, "anyone see my glasses?" So Heather I put my glasses back on (they were top of my head this time) and spied your coffee cup there to the left of the computer. Empty of all things. I am making more now. Just come get a refill anytime. Hope that helps.

Jane (jumping in the jungle) said...OK girl my question, I'm all about the food, what are your favorite food to make at Christmas??
Well I do not have a favorite for myself. I do make cookies as gifts and there are standards for certain people. Because I know how much they like them I enjoy doing it for them. College girl looks forward to sugar cookies with red hots in them. My mom loves oatmeal raisin because that is the cookie that we made together when I was a girl. I always make springerle (a german anise cookie) for my dad. His sister would make these for him when I was young. He would take his time savoring them one by one for a month after the holiday. So I now try to recreate that for him. I make other cookies and baked goods too. I use them as gifts for family and friends. Helps me stay warm with the oven going so that is a plus too!

Annie Kelleher (writers and witches, and words...oh my!) said... and as for what I want to know about you... I hope to do your reading today!!! Its been so crazy... I didn't actually notice the email til last night (im sorry me bad)... Thanks again and look for an answer for me sometime today~!!!!! xoxoxxoxo
Hummm, I don't see a question in here. But I was so confused that I thought I would look at it here. I am pretty sure this is in response to the question I asked her. LOL

Pennies In My Pocket (Melody) said... --I want to know what your most favorite memory of childhood is.
Oh Melody you ask the hard ones don't you. Hummm, let me see. Not too much there honestly. One of those hard childhoods. Rescuing the frogs has to be it. Yeah, I am an animal lover. Me and my best friend Donna were aghast when we found out that our little natural creek was going to be concreted. We loved going down there and catching frogs to look at. Of course we would let them go back to their families. So we were sure they were all going to die. At Donna's house she had chicken pens. We dug shallow pools, lined them with plastic and filled them with creek water. Strung up lights to have on at night (so bugs would show up for the frogs to eat). And proceeded to catch hundreds of frogs and move them to their new temporary homes. Yes can you imagine the noise (songs, yes songs) of all those frogs at night coming from her back yard. Well they lived there for 3 months one summer while the creek was getting a revamping of its own. When water was flowing once again through there we proceeded to bring all the frogs back to there new and improved "natural?" home. Donna's mom and all the neighbors were very thankful for that.

So any more questions? LOL


  1. no it wasn't really a question!!! LOLOL im so impressed you got that photo of me and sam!!!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! That is hysterical that you saved all of those frogs. The eart lover in my salutes you!

  3. Bwhahahahaha...I get on here to check out your post and see my face just. RIGHT. THERE! It scared me. I'll be right over for the coffee. I'm bringing us some fancy creamer.


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