Holiday Spirit or Just the Blues?

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How do you get into the holiday spirit?

I have the hardest time every year trying to.
Seasonal depression does not help.
I do not really like holidays at all.

But I really want to.


Tell me what helps you get excited about this time of year.

Personally, I do no like the large expectations put on so much.
Lots of gift$ to buy with little money.
Tons of food to fix for so many and then tons of cleaning to do too!
Fear of disappointing people in every way.


I try playing holiday music to make me feel happy.
I light scented candles to make the place smell "good".
Decorations but not too soon.
I purchase gifts all year long to try and help out with the cost.


Share your holiday pick me ups.



  1. aw, im so sorry you feel that way about this time of year! i will think about this and blog about it, myself... that's a BIG quesiton you ask :)!

  2. I'm so sorry you have a hard time during this season. That sucks because it comes on so strong!! I just love being with my extended family around the holidays, no matter what else is going on. That's what holidays are for me.


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