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Kat made a list of ten of her favorite things. But there was a twist. She was assigned the letter "O" for her list.
Anyway...I told Kat to sign me up. And send me a letter. So, what did she send me? The letter "R."

Reality TV

It started in 1948 with Allen Funt's Candid Camera. But did not become big until 2000. Reality television saw an explosion of global popularity starting in the early 2000s. Two reality series - Survivor and American Idol - have been the top-rated series on American television for an entire season. The shows Survivor, the Idol series, the Top Model series, the Dancing With The Stars series, The Apprentice, "Fear Factor" and Big Brother have all had a global impact, having each been successfully syndicated in dozens of countries.
Currently there are at least two television channels devoted exclusively to reality television: Fox Reality in the United States, launched in 2005, and Zone Reality in the UK, launched in 2002. In addition, several other cable channels, such as Viacom's MTV and NBC's Bravo, feature original reality programming as a mainstay. Which leads me to my favorites of Project Runway, Inside the Actors Studio, Top Chef, Top Design, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, How to Look Good Naked and Flipping Out.


I feel these two "R" words go hand in hand. Romance helps feed a relationship. So I try to find ways to keep the romance going. Here are a few things I do. Place chocolates on my honeys pillow. Notes in my hubby's lunch box. Make a hot bubble bath and put hubby in it telling him no talking at all. Then I leave him with a drink to relax with (music playing in the background). I go and cut up some cheese, meat and fruit. Then I come back and hand feed him the yummies. After that I slowly wash him from head to toe. Rinse, towel dry and then I tell him he can say anything he would like. He never talks about work, issues or problems then. Guess what happens???? LOL


Reclining Nude 1890, by Pierre Auguste Renoir

I love this painting because of my husband. We were at the Dallas Museum of Art when he came upon this painting. He made me stop there in front of it. And then told me that this is what he saw when he looks at me naked. And that it is always a work of art to him. AWWWW! Who could not love him for that. Goes back to that romance thing.

Ready to Wear

Because this is all I could ever afford to buy for clothes. I think of how hard it would be if I had to make my own clothes. Or to have to wait for someone to measure me and make my clothes. So I am so thankful that there is ready to wear now instead of how it was many years ago. Do you have a favorite label? The average American woman is 5'4" and wears a size 14 which is considered "plus size". This also happens to be roughly the size Marilyn Monroe, considered one of the worlds most beautiful woman.

Nash Rambler

Under the direction of Charles Nash's successor George W. Mason, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation began development of a small car that could be produced inexpensively for the post World War II economy. However, steel shortages limited the amount of raw materials that Nash could get, so Mason turned the compact, now designated the Rambler, into a two-door sedan with a convertible top. I think the Nash Rambler was one of the first "cool" cars that I fell for. Okay it is an old car but still sexy in my book. Must be the roundness of it.


I love this musical. All of it. What it has to say to the "socially acceptable", the cast and how they acted, the story behind on how it came to be and most of all the music. It makes me feel alive and understood. Even though I have never lived these lives I feel them all the same.


Redneck refers to a stereotype of usually rural, Caucasian (i.e. white) people of lower socio-economic status in the United States and Canada. Originally limited to the Appalachians, and later the South, the Ozarks, the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, this stereotype is now widespread throughout North America. Southern comedian Jeff Foxworthy defines "redneck" as "a glorious lack of sophistication," stating "that we are all guilty of it at one time or another." And believe you me, my family is Redneck to the bone.


I stake my reputation on it is as good as a handshake. And I have always felt that my reputation was important. It seems so many young ones today do not know how important it is to have a good reputation. Do you know what I mean? A man is as good as his word was how the world use to run. Don't we all wish it was the same today. Politics would be honest and you could do business with a handshake. To have lived in such a time.


I like being right. Correct. Knowing what needs to be known and able to put that information out there. My hubby even says he knew he would marry Mrs. Right. He just did not think her first name would be Always. I am OCD and the being right is part of it.


I love eating out. I like being waited on. I enjoy not having to cook or clean. I adore having different food than I know how to make. I think restaurants are on of my favorite places to go to. Lazy huh?

So if you enjoyed this let me know.
And I will be happy to give you a letter too!


  1. college girl wanted one too.
    she drew V
    and annie you have the letter
    j pick by the random letter generator
    college girl with her eyes closed as she tries to find the keyboard I moved.

  2. I am so ready to win the lottery. And hire a full time seamstress. Because finding ready to wear. That actually works with my body. Is downright impossible!

    And reality TV...we are STILL addicted to Survivor :-)

  3. Great post =]
    Keep up the good work.

    If you are interested, I would like to exchange links with you.

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  4. Those are great ideas! I hope that you and your family have a great thanksgiving!

  5. What a fun idea! You really put a lot of thought into your answers - I might have to give this a try!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  6. I started with Annie's list of favorite J items and linked back to your wonderful R list. I would love a letter of my own.


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