Dustbunny Husbandry Guide

Well today has been quite a change. And I have not lived up to my expectations at all. But that is how it goes sometimes.

Okay, you know I babysit. Yesterday the mom (who has been doing nursing college) had to drop out due to grades. So I do not have the kids today and more than likely not tomorrow either. She will have to go back to work so I know they will be back but it looks like I get a break for a little bit. I am really sorry for her and the situation at her home. Y'all just pray for them all as there is way too much turmoil for that family right now. THANKS!

So I thought I would be able to get some work done around here. Nope! Instead I have been hanging out in the bathroom (Yuck) and I do not have much energy. I hope this changes real soon. There is so much I am behind on. DH has told me to just rest and not to worry. He is really good about that. I am 3 days behind on Nanowrimo. I hope to catch up some there today too.

Ok, not feeling the best so I popped over to Sunshine and Lemonade to listen to her blog. Love the music there and at All that and a Bucket of Chicken. Have to think of what have I accomplished this week. Have not cooked a single meal. And have not gotten any laundry put up. I did sweep the living room and dining room yesterday. Had to due to attack from the dust hair bunnies. I have not done as well as the Dustbunny Husbandry Guide says I should. Go, it is very funny. And I managed to purchase a 16 ft travel trailer for my brother who is away at this time. Yeah, big purchase with his money makes for a good time huh? Actually was too good a deal not to get for him. Paid all of $500.00 for it, clear title and all. Now that is frugal. We are to be moving it to my house this weekend, hopefully! And I have to clean house by noon tomorrow as one of my dear friends from DFW will be here tomorrow afternoon sometime. YIPEEEE! I miss my friends.

Well I guess it is time to dance--there is always time to dance!
And get my booty in gear and accomplish something. Not sure what it will be but will do something! Thanks for the support from all of my bloggy friends! Y'all make me smile!


  1. Yes, ALWAYS time to dance...and time to give yourself a break. I've learned that expectations of 'self' are made to be broken. My new expectations of self always include wiggle room for the unexpected events. :) Oh and you are a FABULOUS sister!! WOW!

  2. Dancing is good. Sometimes that's all you can do. ;)


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