Working Wednesday

Well first off, I am feeling better than yesterday. I am hoping that Nessa is too. She was ill with temp and yucky all over her yesterday. So since I am back up and running (at least for now) I need to catch up on chores.

Does yours pile up? Tons of dishes when you did not cook. Laundry that is, thank goodness--clean, going to make your bed collapse from all of it needing to be folded and put up. A dining table covered in stuff that dear hubby dropped there instead of putting up. And needing to do my nanowrimo for two days (3600 words behind). I still need to balance the check book, pay bills, write my brother and find out info for my mom about her van. Being ill for a day puts me way way way behind in the chores game. So I will be running around here like a chicken with its head cut off. (ewwwww, what a bad image)

I did enjoy the start of my day. Cuddled with my lover for a few minutes. That made me feel loved and beautiful. Then I got up and was so happy that my tooth did not hurt nor my tummy. I checked in on all my blogs that I read daily. Ladies y'all really do help me make it through a day. (THERE ARE 10 LINKS IN THAT SENTENCE) And I am going to forget that yesterday was the presidential election. No I am not a fan of our newest President. But I know that as an American I will stand up for his office and support him that way.

Thanks for dropping by but I really must get on my chores before the TWINS arrive. They are a handful but cute as can be.


  1. Glad you are feeling better!

    You know what my house looks like, so we won't talk about it anymore. I did feel okay enough early this morning to straighten the front to rooms back up, so they are still looking good.

    I think my brain has actually boiled. My temp has broke at the moment, but it usually skyrockets again within two hours of taking fever reducer. No fun!

  2. Such a cute header! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & hope to see you again!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the veggie advice! Come back again sometime:)


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