What is a family?

Ok am I just odd or do others do this?

Adopt families? I don't mean go and get yourself a new child. I mean your friends are great. You love them. Your interested in the same things. You decide to just make them your family too. I have more "friend family" members then I do family family members. And I am one of 5 kids myself.

We have family reunions (and one is coming up this weekend for hubby's family) that are more friends than family. (my side not hubby's) For example my dear neighbor Nessa and her hubby and two kids just celebrated her daughter's birthday. To me it is normal to have them here, combine a dinner and have a party. No it is not their house but I feel like it is also their home? Did you or do you have a friend's that is a home away from home? One that you know you don't have to knock on the door to go inside. One that you can go to anytime ANYTIME and know there is someone there for you? Well this is my home. And I have had many friends who have made it their family home too. Actually I am honored that others can feel that comfortable here.

Well the reason for all of this is due to meals. I proposed that we combine meals for dinner here. Currently my friend is stoveless. So she is doing major MAJOR crockpotting for dinners. Cool yes, but not always easy. We have full larders of food currently. I am a food junkie. And it is cheaper to cook for a larger group than a smaller one. Or so I see it. I know that they will want some meals alone. Time to do their thing. But I think to combine several meals a week would be more economical for both families. What do you think?


  1. We do a lot of sharing, food-wise, both in the neighborhood, between friends, and at family gatherings. Hey, thanks for helping me celebrate my SITS Featured Blogger Day in the Sun! Hope you come back soon to visit me...we always have a lot going on at my place! And, thanks for alerting me that the Pop'rs button didn't work--we got that fixed right after you noticed it. To check out Pop'rs, go to www.poprs.com

  2. Sounds like a plan to me, when do you want me there to share a meal? HAHAHAHA

  3. I think you're an awesome friend and neighbor...

    I have to admit that I avoid adopting friends into my "family" circle... but I'm the second of 9 and hubby's the second of 11... so the circle's pretty squishy as it is... we do have good friends that we use as substitute family since none of us live near our extended families - does that count?

  4. Great idea! I think that having friends who feel like family is fabulous!

    I'm just stopping by via pennies in my pocket's blog.

    Nice to meet you!

  5. I just love having friends over (and family, too) for meals. It's so old school...a real lost art. It's sad that it's not practiced as much anymore. Most people I know gather 'round the pizza box and TV when they have 'dinner' with friends.

    I'm so there with adopting families. I have WAY more closer family-like friends than I do family. :-)


    Oh and thank you for the fabulous comment on my confessions post! :-)


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