Middle of the night and awake again.

Boy was today a long day! Took a 6 hour round trip drive to visit my niece. Yeah a round of "awwwws". Ok, now the truth. She is in prison. So it was over 3 hours to get there, get lost finding it of course, 1 hour of wait time for her to be available, 2 hour visit and then another 3+ hours to drive home. Long, long day for me and my mom. And I do not like car trips anymore. Driving makes me tired, my eyes hurt, my back to ache and my knees to seize up. But I did love seeing my niece. Am glad I was able to do that and that she knows she has family who loves her. It must be awful to have to live by others rules all the time. My daughter did get "most" of the garage sale things put away. Of course there are boxes of books still on the front porch. And storage is still open and boxes not all put up there either. Which will be fun to see since it is now raining at 3:00 a.m. One table is still in the yard and I can't move it alone so it is getting soaked. Pray it does not do any bad damage. I had a wet dog wake me from sleep. How she got outside I am not sure? But she was able to open the front door to come in. Old houses have lousy door latches. So got up, closed and locked the front door. Well now I am awake so might as well clean. Right? Started a load of laundry that my daughter said she would do. Ha Ha, she gets sidetracked so easy. ADD! Picked up the living room, did dishes, put out meds for hubby. That is a weekly chore in itself since he takes over 25 pills a day. Two more months and he will be done with the interferon treatments. YEAH! I was going to clean the porch off today and paint it. But not sure now that it is raining. Will see how that goes. Guess I will surf the web for a bit and then see if I can lay down on the couch and read til sleep hits again. Might get another 2 hours of rest sometime tonight. Insomnia, my constant companion, how I hate thee!


  1. Good Morning, saw your comment on Veggie Mom's blog, and had to comment....we have the same name, and well, I don't see it that often;) HAHAHA

    Hope the rain lets up, please don't send it my way, I'm not a fan of the dark & dreary, LOL

  2. Stopping by to say hi from SITS. Its great that you are such a supportive aunt! I recently became an aunt and I adore that little girl so much :)


  3. I so wish you could sleep!

    I sent Dan and Tris over as it was getting dfdark because I saw Denea and John still clearing stuff out of the yard. I thought they got it all done. Do I get points for trying to help out?

    When did it start raining? Today is laundry day!! Ugh! But, we needed it.

    See ya in a few for coffee!

  4. Awwww that was soooooo good of you to go. I just know that had to have made your niece's entire month to visit with you. It's times like that that will stay in the memory forever. :-)

    I hope the rain goes away...you can send it to me. :-)


  5. I need to go snoop around your blog a bit! Thanks for the link to the website (wink wink) I will make sure I heed your advice!
    Thanks for the bloggy love on my SITS day! : )


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