Time to Work

Well my husband's annual family reunion is this coming Saturday. And I am having to shoot into hyper drive. We are the host for the 3 families that come together. It is the Wilson-Stephens-Webb reunion. Somewhat a mangled tree that looks like it may have converged on itself years ago. It is held at the state park in Brownwood Texas at a beautiful location. A large lodge with a big patio out back overlooking the lake. And it has castle turrets that you can go up and overlook the lake. Very Nice! But it is also tons of work. I need to make sure the books are up to date for finances. We have a auction, raffle and door prizes. I have to make sure I have all the supplies that we need for the meals, set up and games. Also I need to get my house in order as out of state family will be returning with us to spend a few days. Take this on top of watching the twin girls and their brother and sister, regular chores and little of no help from other family members. I am going to be in a tizzy. Having just come off of a 3 day garage sale that still needs things put away that was not done this weekend when I had to leave town for the day. Whew! Thank goodness I have my neighbor Nessa to help me with meals or my family would just have to hide somewhere. Well I guess I need to stop here and get my booty into gear!

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