Were having a PARTY

It is a celebration. In honor of my dear sweet and STRONG hubby. Let me give you a lil background. At 45 this man already has 2 heart values that have been replaced with Pig values and has a pacemaker. He was in a coma for a month at 40 and at that time his whole body was septic. That was a two year healing process. Well last fall we found out that he had Hep C and his liver was going fast. The viral count was 3.5 million and at 4 million the liver dies. So he started a hard regiment of meds including Interferon. This was one of the first early cancer drugs. The meds he was on killed both his red and white blood cell count. He also battled the horrid MRSA this last spring. While going through all of this he has held down two jobs. And now, he is DONE. All the meds are over with and his viral count is in the negatives. WHOOO-HOOOOOOOO! So today we are having a large bar-b-que to celebrate. People from all over are coming and our house is being transformed into Celebration City. Last night two of his kids came home bringing "MY" grandchildren. Nessa from across the street and her family was here. And his older brother showed up. We all cleaned, mowed, toted and carried til the house and yard were all ready. So last night these tired souls had a bonfire and made Smore's. Drinks were passed out and the kids were running around and all felt right with the world. I hope to get some pictures today and hopefully you can see all the fun tomorrow. Also we are going to look at a Scooter (small motorcycle) for my college girl today. Can't wait.


  1. This weekend has been so great! I love my new scooter!

  2. Hi there and well done on completing treatment, its no walk in the park....I have also cleared the virus after 48 weeks Tx, My Hubby is on his second go of this as he was a relpser first time round,this time he will do 72 weeks. we met online and got married in May...

    I will say tho the info about the Viral load being 4 mill and the liver dies is not true, I know people with a V/L up to 12 million and higher..

    I run a online forum for those suffering with this virus, can I ask you to link us to your blog please, if we can reach and help one person get thru treatment its worth doing..Good Luck to both of you.regards Px



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