Wonderful Blessings

First thing of note is that Nessa and I are listed on Frugal Hacks. WE ARE SO EXCITED! Go see the list they have there of Frugal Hackers and celebrate how to save money while having a full life. It is really not hard to do. Thank you FH from us ladies we are so honored!

Oh I have to let yall know how the celebration went this weekend. First it was in my dear hubby's honor (see previous post). And he was so amazed to see 54 people were here to tell him how happy they were for him. His thank you speech and prayer was a blessing to all of us.
Well see it all started with family and friends helping to get everything ready. Setting up tables, chairs, tents, playground (for the kids), grills and yardwork galore. Afterwards we had a feast of sandwiches and chips that put us all to shame. Eating and having drinks and making merry like you get out. It was a wonderful Saturday night. The guys then set up a lil bonfire for the kids. (yeah!! my grandbabies were here) And we got to roast marshmallows and have s'mores. Such heaven. Later while the kids were literally running the back yard a game of pictonary or win, loose, or draw (which ever you call it) started up in the house on the dry erase board.

And I am not sure you even want to know the story of how this picture even came about. But I will say there were 4 people envolved and all were laughing and rolling on the floor before it was finished. Poor puppy was not to thrilled at her new outfit. LOL
Sunday family and friends poured in and started helping making all the great food. And a short detour was made to get my college girl a scooter for campus for this next spring. Will blog that later. With smoked ham, links, burgers, steak and dogs on the grill the guys stayed busy. And we had to do the grilled veggies of cabbage, eggplant, k'bobs and bellpeppers. But the hit was the armadillo eggs. Yes it is a Texas thing. But those of us who are in the know enjoyed them so very much. Nessa thank you for letting your poor fingers getting blistered so these could be made. Friends and family brought salads, pasta, side dishes and dessert like you would not believe. And we dug in and ate til we could not breath. Of course we followed this up with ice cream cones and more games.
There is not anyway I can tell you of the fun we had this weekend. And to have so many around us to celebrate made my dear sweet man have tears in his eyes. We know how blessed we are. So ending with a pic of my much loved and played out group.

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