Week 3 of Combined Meals

Well for week 3 we all splurged on our food. But I still feel that we did a good job. The total cost of food for Mon-Fri was $65.60. We had 8 people eating 5 dinners and 3 people eating 5 lunches each. So that makes 55 individual meals. So the total cost of those 5 days was $1.19 per person per meal. Not too bad but way off what we had done before. Now I will not add the weekend to this week. Not because we did not eat. LOL We partied like crazy. But the food was from so many people that I really can not calculate it. Saturday we fed 13+ people and Sunday it was 50+ people. I am sure you can understand. Dishes was brought from some, others added to the meat grilled and we pulled from our stock too.
For week 4 we will get back on track and do much better. But we had a great time splurging.

Thanks to garammasala for this picture.

So on to what our menus were:

Monday was Chicken Soft Tacos
Tuesday was Chicken Spaghetti
Wednesday Beef & Bean Chalupas
Thursday was left overs from all that Chicken Spaghetti we had made
Friday the households split. Lynette's had Fried Chicken take out and Nessa's had a 5 ft Subway Sandwich.

How did you do on your budget this last week?

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  1. OK, I want in on that party! WOW! Sounds amazing!

    Oh and I'm craving the beef & bean chalupas .. first thing I've craved since being sick. lol



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