Multiple Thoughts

Well today I am much better than yesterday. I had a horrible sinus headache. I spent the day trying to see how I could hide from the twins. LOL Like I could do that. Took the meds for my sinuses and curled up on the couch keeping all lights and television off. This way I could have as little stimulation as possible. But after all of that today I am up and going again. YEAH!

These are my very own private "BOOTY WARMERS". Yes, I am so lucky that if I sit anywhere these two ladies jump up and snuggle my "booty". So I will never have a chance of my hinney freezing.

Do you have special pets that take care of you like these two do me?

And here is a poor lil lady who just played herself right out. Yes, while playing sleep overcame her and she crashed out in the toy box. I guess she was sleeping with all of her best friends. Seems like 3pm hits and my eyes start closing everyday. "Yawn!"
So where have you crashed out at that was less than ordinary?

Well do you think she is telling me she needs her diaper changed? LOL Yeah, just a subtle hint. So I stopped what I was doing and took care of the little lady. She was much much happier.

And here is the Purple Poo! Yes this is the spirit organization on College Girls campus. They are at all the campus sponsored activities to help raise spirit from the co-eds. Think they sorta look like spirits my self.

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