Combined Meals Week 4/Month totals @ .45 per person/per meal

Well since we had the big ol' party this last weekend, food here has been aplenty. We cooked and cooked and cooked this last weekend. Food we hand, Nessa had and of course the pot lucks that was brought over and left. And there was more than enough to feed both families for the week without having to cook any extra food.

Monday and Tuesday evenings dinner was Patty Melts, chips and relish trays.
Wednesday we all had Ham, navy beans, biscuits and fruit.
Thursday Crockpot Chicken w/corn and beans
Friday Game night--Sandwiches, chips and dip.
This weekend it is quiet time. Nessa and them are out of town. This house has hubby working, college girl at college and me and my mom hanging around. So meals are sporadic at best and all left overs.

So total cost for this week is $0.00 Whoo-hoo!

That makes the month totals to be:
Feeding dinner to 8 people and lunch for 4 people for 4 weeks @ .45 cents per person/per meal. ($108.00) Well do yall think this is working out or what?

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  1. Oh....a booty warmer! My booty's so large I probably need two.

    Huge props on feeding so many people for so little! If I could figure that out, I could get new carpet.

    Believe me, that's incentive enough. :)


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