Twins or Co-Conspirators

Here are the twins. 21 month old girls who look so innocent. See one is sleeping as she should and the other is thinking about it. Poor dears were up at 4:30 a.m. this morning. So here it is 10:00 am and I think naps are called for. I babysit them and their two siblings. And you will say "awwww cute", "look at the sweeties" and "what darlings". But looks can be deceiving. Being twins they have that secret code that we do not understand. With a wink and a nod they can be off in different directions reeking havoc all over. LOL Of course they look innocent when you find them with their elbows deep into no-no's. I do adore them. And have had them here since they were really small. And imagine I will til they go to school or farther. But there are days when you can not "twin" proof a house enough. So since they have now fallen asleep I am off to get some cleaning done. Wish me luck!
Twins or Co-Conspirators

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