Athlete's foot (tinea pedis)

Ok I know that people deal with this all the time. But I am so aggravated about it. Mine is where I have large blisters show up on my feet which then drain creating my feet to dry, crack and peel. The pain is non-stop and they always itch. What really aggravates me is that my doctor misdiagnosed this since last spring. Telling me I had a herpes virus on my feet and no cure was around. Making me suffer for over 6 months. My hubby's doctor saw it today and told me differently. So now I know of what treatment to do. But I have to get rid off all my shoes I have been wearing. Bleach all my socks and sheets. Clean the showers and tubs with bleach and Lysol. And that this fungus is very hard to kill. I feel like I should have a funeral for all the shoes I am going to lose. I love my shoes. They are one of my passions. But I am glad that I may find some relief finally. So have you dealt with this on a severe basis? If so please share with me.

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  1. I am so sorry! I bet you want to ring your doc's neck! But, look at it this way, you will get better!

  2. I know that at least there is an answer. I added info here for keystone candle give away too!


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