Dog Water?

Ok this is a new one for me. Dog water? No I don't mean putting water into the dog bowl. Nor do I misunderstand having a bottle of water for your dog while traveling or out for a walk. But I am unsure of bottled water for dogs. Yes. Water manufactured for you dog to drink. The Our Hero line of bottled water is the newest one out there that I know of. There are three lines of water you can purchase just for your four legged friend. Hip & Joint | Exercise Recovery | Healthy Aging Am I just a cynic. Or is it silly to purchase what I can get from the tap? Would you purchase dog water? Or dog ice cream? Yes there is that product too.


  1. I have seen this item out in the market place and yea, I will admit it, I purchased some becuase I thought it looked different. Just to clarify, my dog acutally loved it! And, I got him the hip & joint one, and it has the glucosamine and chondrotin in it, which is apprently to help him with his hips. I am now a fan!

  2. I can see getting the hip and joint one, we had a very old dog and we had to give her supplements like this. But, I am a little doubtful about "designer" water and electrolyte replacement for dogs. I am too tightwadish to do it. Dixie will just have to survive with good old tap water. But, I would consider giving the hip and joint if my dog had health problems.

  3. Actually I was really tempted because it was marked down to 50 cents a bottle. And I do agree that if it can help with health concerns that it would be good. But I still have a part of me that rails at "designer" water for a pet. Just seems to be to much of to much.


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