Mom's Day Gifts

Well I did not wish to post my gifts for mom's day so that it would be a surprise to the mommies I gave too. But now I can. So here it goes.

To my mom in law I was thrilled to give her Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith. What a great surprise it was to her. You see I am Baptist and my Dear Hubby and family are Catholic. We have differences of course but more things are the same than you know. Of course the main thing is that our belief system has God at the heart of it. I have received many wonderful gifts from my mom in law to support that too. Now being able to give back to her something that is special in her life was wonderful. She was so happy as she is a big fan of the Chicken Soup books. She told me this would be her bed time reading for awhile. And that makes me happy. So mom-happy day to you everyday. Enjoy reading about the Healing Power of the Family Rosary and of stories that profess faith and prayer daily. And Merritt of Phenix & Phenix a special thank you for sending me this one. You made two people happy.

I gave my mom a beautiful gold silk kimono jacket. She gets chilled easy especially in Church. I thought this would be just right to let her beauty shine. Now here is the bad background story. I found the jacket last summer and purchased it for Christmas. Not wanting to have it found I stashed it across the street at Nessa's. Of course I forgot it at Christmas. Bad Me! But was found and came in just perfect on Mom's Day. And my mom loved it no matter how long it took for me to get it to her.

Next was the book Mom's Survival Guide by Redbook for the mom to be in my life. My niece is on her third child now. And her first was that lovely dream child. Next was the here I am child. And we are not sure of the personality of the third will be. But her ever growing family has it where she is looking for answers in parenting skills. Now she can have some help with experts and everyday moms as they fill in how to:

  • Find ME time
  • Stop lying
  • That first love
  • Temper tantrums
  • Homework without the fight
  • and more
I do wish to thank Sterling Publishing and Anwesha for helping me find this gem of a book. What a great aid. Wish I had it when I was a young mom. You can register to win your own copy at Redbook too. By the way, Marti, this one is for you. Just did not see you this weekend. But it is here waiting til your next visit.


  1. you are so sweet those are some great gifts that any mom would love to receive!
    I LOVE that CSFTS Catholic version my bestie would love that!

  2. You bought some wonderful gifts!!! I am sure they were all very pleased!!


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