Reader Appreciation Give Away

Spring is Here
Easter is around the corner
I want to tell my ADORING FANS


so I wish to do a lil different give away

First here is the prize.

It is a Spring Blossoms Bath Set
with body lotion, body wash, 2 bath fizzer eggs and
a pretty pink body polisher.
Wrapped up in a fun lil round hat box.

And this is the twist!

I would like if you would visit one of my ADORING FANS.*
You will find them on the left column.
Tell them your there by way of CRAZED MIND. (comment)
And then please return here----and tell me---
who you visited and what you liked about their blog.

I will pick a winner Sunday night,
April 12th (Easter).


*note you can follow me to and have others come visit your blog.

** hint hint


  1. Ok, I visited Captain Dumbass... first of all because as I was rollin' my cursor over the faces.... it was the name that said, "COME VISIT ME..." I cracked up very loudly at their random Tuesday post... especially the part where one of their kids got mad when sent back to bed....and stripped down pull up and all and threw his pull up at them. Too funny. Great giveaway...!!

  2. Hi! I visited several- but my favorite by far is Mandy at Gormet Mom on the Go! I love everything- the video tutorials, the pictues, the food. Thanks for this giveaway- I think I will add her to my google reader! What a great way to share good blogs.

  3. Well, since you are always talking about her, I pooped on over to check out Juls and her Crazee Scotts. She has such a fun blog! I think I'm going to start stalking, whoops, I mean following her!

  4. I visited Frugal Hacker and loved all their freebie and cheapie tips - I even subscribed! :-D

  5. My favorite was "Mandy at Gourmet Mom on the Go". I love any website that gives me recipe and cooking help!!

  6. Hmmm....I thought I had posted but I'm not seeing it. Anyway, I visited Mandy at Goyrmet Mom on the Go! and liked her site because I always love recipes and cooking help! THANKS>

  7. I went to visit the Texas House Wife and I like her cooking blog !

  8. Well, the "Real Live Lesbian" grabbed my attention so I went over there to check it out. Its not everyday you see a blog title like that! What I liked about her blog was her wacky sense of humor. She had me smiling and contemplating the "real-ness" of things in life. It is also not very often that you find a lesbian who is a christian AND curses. Kinda refreshening, don't you think?

  9. I visited several however LOVED Captain Dumbass...What a funny blog! I am going to follow him now as well :o)

  10. I visited Mary's B&B blog and left a comment under the Photo Tour of Mary's Bed & Bath post.

  11. I love recipe sites, so I visited and left a comment on Tina's blog (Kermit photo) "Recipe Heaven"

  12. I visited tarabu's site "Keep Up With CREST" and left a comment.
    That site is more of a business site and I am sorry but I should have visited another site, but out of time.

  13. Oh, but I love your site, that's why I am a follower.

  14. I stopped in on HillBilly Woman and she had a touching story of a lion at a zoo in Afghanistan that survived despite the wars and the Taliban and awful people and lived for 25 years.

    delaney55 @

  15. I visited Mary's B&B and now I want to go stay there. Her pictures are amazing and to have the whole place to yourself! Ahhh heaven.


  16. I liked coffee and dancing my lifelines.

  17. I visited Mary's Bed & Bath blog. She has beautiful furniture! The site's colors are cute, also. I left a comment in her guest book.


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