Time for Prayers

**Update! The dad is in critical condition as of 8 pm Sunday night. Please pray for this man and his family. Every one is hurting right now**

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Well yesterday did not go as I had planned. But that is the usual there. I went shopping with Nessa and picked up some good deals. Also enjoyed some time away and with a friend. We both enjoyed the break. Oh hubby was at work so we had stopped and purchased him some food at Subway and delivered it to him too. When I arrived home, CG helped me unload the food and put it up. She is a great help. I am sure going to miss here when she moves on campus in a week.

I did not get my check book balanced, my bills caught up or my cabinet moved in. So much for big plans. Instead I sat an the couch and tried to catch my breath. I felt it was all gone with just the one outing. Me and CG did things around the house, ate lunch and watched a movie. And when DH came home we watched another movie he wanted to see all together. We do not get much time like that so it was a good break. Afterwards we were getting ready to go to the local game room and play some pool or darts when the phone rang.

It was the family of the twins and other two we have had here last month. Asking us to come and get the children. The father had shot himself in the chest. We ran, RAN, out of here. Across the street (our car is being used by Nessa) and tore out of the drive way. CG calling Nessa to tell her we took the car. Which was good because they thought it was just stolen.

twins 1 & 2

We get there and all 4 children and 2 dogs are loaded up in a friends truck waiting on us. We gather all the kids and return home. Their dad was loaded up into an ambulance and taken to the local hospital. He then was care flighted to the metroplex for a trauma center. The mom followed in her car. So we had the children all here. No diapers (DH went and got some) and no shoes or spare clothes. Fixed dinner and stripped all the kids down. Babies slept in their diapers and the older two were wearing CG's t-shirts. Washed all the clothes and dried them. Mom's sister drove in and picked up the oldest two to stay at mom's house with her. We received phone calls through out the night but still do not know the out come for the dad. So please keep him and this family in your prayers and good thoughts. We woke this morning. Dressed the babies and they are currently aggravating my mom in the dining room. LOL The twins are monkeys and climb on everything. Well time to go and rescue my mom.

my mom & older 2

I am not sure what this saga will become. I know I am worried greatly for this family.

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  1. my heart goes out to these poor people and you and your family are truly angels. please let me know fi there's anything that can be done to help them - i dont have much in the way of disposable cash these days (who does) but if there's anything that might brighten their days... esp fro the children... please do let me know!!!

  2. I am very sorry to about this terrible trauma to the family. I will send prayers, good vibes, and anything else that will help.

  3. Wow. I just came over to thank you for the banana bread recipe. I'm so sorry about this accident. That was so good of you to take the children in like that. Good luck.

  4. Visiting from SITS... Wow - that poor family...you all are in my thoughts and prayers...so great that you were there for the kids during this traumatic time!

  5. Wow! I'm so glad you are there for the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

  6. Blessings on you, the little ones & their folks - so sad!! Such a blessing that you were able to take them HOME on such short notice.

    Thanks for visiting over my way, & I hope you have a chance (in all the bustle) to show CG the altars - esp the ones Heather, another CG has posted http://treeshaveears.blogspot.com/2008/12/altars-in-small-space.html this one is at college on her printer!! So cool :)

    Be well, & keep us posted on this family

  7. Visiting from SITS ~ I'm praying for you & the family !

  8. *hoping he is okay!!!!*

    Love your blog layout!

  9. I just read this, Lynette. I hope he pulls through!

  10. My heart breaks for these children, how nice that they have a warm, safe and loving place with you for now. Will be praying for them.


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