It is One of those Days

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It is Monday. Local kids are all going back to school! And I am in great need to get my schedule back.

More than lay around feeling blah! Well, I don't lay around. But the blah part is true.

I can hear my DH getting ready for another work day. Fighting the urge to wrap myself around his leg to keep him from going. I miss him so much. I did get some good time with him yesterday while he help get my cabinet installed. (the one CG made). And we did get to go out with my mom and have Pizza. YUMM

Don't know why today seems to have me down in the dumps so. I need to recharge my happy face and put it back on. Ok let me not come off as the "joker" on this one.

Still on antibiotics and throat still sore. But it is more than that. Guess I just know that there are changes coming up. CG will be moving into the dorms in a week. And I will not have her here every day to adore in person. She is my own lil personal hero. She has one of her best friends here for the next few days. So CG is on the fly right now.

The worries of the family with the twins is heavy on me. Will it all turn out ok? Police doing an investigation is scary for the mom. Lawyers involved with custody case. Just nothing positive about this at all.

My mom is still ill. She battled the tummy upset and all. But now her back has her really down. And this time of year is bad for her too. She is use to going to my dad's after Christmas every year. He passed last winter. So this year she is staying here with me. I know that has her low. She misses him so much. One of those milestones.

Otherwise the 5 dogs are having a blast playing in the living room right now. Some curled on the couch for the cheering section. The main two players in the "ring" to see who is master. All the doggie sounds. A cat curled up to be he head judge. It is a match to be "played" over and over.

Well time for me to get the coffee on. Do the laundry. Sweep the house. And get my game face back on. Enough of the retrospect.

Up and at 'em ladies!

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  1. aw, hang in there, you have so much on your plate and you are such an amazing person to take care of so many people! please take some time today to rest and take care of your Self - i imagine thats why you feel "down" - you need some "down-time!"

  2. Bless your heart


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