Day 1 Again

Hey, folks!

Welcome to 2017.  You ready for a whole brand new year?  Yeah me too.  So how is it starting off for you?

Me?  Well, I hope that the first day of the year does not totally make up what the year will be like.  Why?  Well, I am not home, to begin with.  As a matter of fact, I am half a state (and in Texas that is some mileage) away from home and without my Dear Hubby.  Yeah, house/dog sitting once again.  My third home since before Christmas as a matter of fact.

So what does one do that is continually hopping from house to house and spending lots of time alone....(if you don't count all the dogs?)  Well I read.  LOTS!  And I just finished three books this month.  One was the Book of Mormon.  Yeah, may not be on your reading list but it was on mine.  And I did finish it on my schedule as I had hoped.  Why is it that we can pop out a novel in no time but when it comes to reading scriptures we drag our feet?  It would be lovely if the truth was that we were truly pondering over the words of Heavenly Father.  But I bet that the majority of us (those without a halo) are really not focusing as strongly as we should when we are studying the scriptures.  I pray that I will change for the better when it comes to learning.

So what else did I just finish?  Well, two books by one of my favorite authors, Ken Dalton.  You have heard me talk about his books featuring Pinkie and Bear.  He has his latest out, The Unsavory Critic, met all of my expectations.  I love dropping back in with my friends.  Hearing of the latest adventures and travels makes me smile.  This time we met up with Pinkie as he is being brushed off by his heartthrob.  Then gets mixed up with one too many jobs and not enough of him to get around.  Jetting across the country from coast to coast trying to keep from picking up a new pair of cinder boots.  Thankfully Bear and Flo are at the ready to jump in and make a skirmish to the west coast and a hop across the pond to chase down a fleeing suspect.  Now you know I am not going to tell you what is going on, but I will tell you that I was not let down.  Be it the dashing adventure, quick wit or bold storyline....I loved it!

I also want to tell Ken, thank you for making me feel like a million bucks.  "Thank You!"  You see he was kind enough to have one of my reviews posted on the cover of Brother Can You Spare a Dime?  It was listed with my blog name of Crazed Mind.  I was tickled as you can imagine.
But this time Ken put up another of my reviews on the cover of The Unsavory Critic.  This time it was under my own name, Lenore Webb.  Yes, me...not just my  I screamed with excitement.  Once again, thank you, Ken.

Now you would think that having one new book published this year would be quite a feat.  But no, not Ken Dalton.  He published two!  And it is the second book, Polio and Me, that was really worth reading.  This one was not a mystery but a true adventure.  A real life adventure, one that Ken lived.  Here he was able to take us to a time in life that hardships had to be overcome with grit and determination.  I imagine he meant to share his experiences of polio so we could learn from it.  And yes, I did.  But more so, I see how he managed to grow into a man of conviction and strength.  Ken tells of the medical conditions that plagued his body while his mind was contriving adventures.  I can see how his storytelling was developed.  Also, the back story shows dedication to his family.  Pressing a strong desire to be not only a good example but to share growth with his children, grand, and great grandchildren.  Outstanding work.

I have treasured many of Ken's books.  He has been kind enough to send me autographed books.  But Polio and Me has taken first place on my bookshelf.  When I read truth I have to honor it.  For me, The Book of Mormon is one of truth and strength, that helps me grow into a God loving woman.  Ken Dalton's book, Polio and Me, also one of truth and strength.  One that helps me to know that adversity can be overcome.  We all have different problems that form us.  But if we strive to grow from them and through them, then we come out on the other side stronger.  More so, we also can remember that life was meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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