Energy To Kill

Well since I am having the joy of pet/house sitting, it means time to relax and read.  Thus I have found another sentence that was just perfect for me.  Honestly would love to be known for having this kind of energy.  In Susan Wiggs book "The Beekeeper's Ball" on page 45 it says,

"She had the kind of energy that made caffeine jumpy."

Yeppers, that is what I want to be known as.  You see if your around me any amount of time then you would know I do not sit still well.  I am up and down all the time.  That is why I gave up TV.  I could not sit through a show.  Each commercial I would be up and doing something.  My BFF today said how tired she was after our morning outing of garage sales and lunch.  I looked at her and asked her how could she be tired.  I was really baffled!  She said that she was tired from the whole morning outing.  Unlike me, I was energized.

It seems that the more I do the more energy I feel.  Like it recharges me.  Being still is exhausting to me.  So when I do have the times where I start to get "nappy", I jump up and find some chore to do.  Wakes me right up.  It seems I am always up for a walk, event, task, helping hand.  Just holler at me and most likely I would be thrilled to help out.

Now to have a sign made for me with the above slogan!

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  1. Dear Lenore, I already think of you as a woman of amazing energy. What a wonderful post!


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