Super Sunday Supper

Today was our Sunday supper after church.  You know the one, where everyone brings something amazing to share.  Yeah, tons of time to visit, eat and really get to know each other more.  It is one of my favorite events each month.

Now there is also the food debate.  Where you decide what to bring.  Totally healthy or decadent delicious?  Who has what allergy?  Those that will NOT eat something or other.  And of course that handed down recipe you know is so simple to make but out shines every dish.

I am the one who is always looking to bring something healthy and allergy free.  With our group that means...

  • No Soybean Oil
  • No Dairy
  • No Eggs
  • No Nuts
  • No Aluminum
  • No Cumin, Coriander, Cilantro or Tomatillos

Yes, that is quite a list.  But I manage each month to accomplish this.  It takes time to look at what is in items.  And a goal to use as much fresh food as possible.  This month I accomplished this by making a wonderful green salad with dressing taken on the side.  Also to add to it was extras all on the side.  We had diced ham, grated cheese and tuna salad for those that wish to add them to their salad.

My secret was using Walden Farms Amazing Mayo in the tuna salad.  As well as Walden Farms Honey Dijon and Jersey Sweet Onion salad dressings.  They are free of EVERYTHING.  I truly do not know how they make all their sauces but they are the best for dealing with diet restrictions.  Also I can find some of this in my small town store.  Better still when I shop in the metroplex at Sprouts.  That is when I really stock up!

Now the tuna was even better.  Safe Catch tuna is 100% mercury tested as they test every fish they use.  Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is ten times (10x) stricter than the FDA mercury limit.  The also just pack the cans with fish.  No additives, filler soy or pyrophosphate.   Here is what they do.  

Safe Catch uses raw pack hand cut fish
They cook-in-can to seal in all the nutrients
Most brands pre-cook and rehydrate with fillers to save money
Safe Catch fish has up to 5x more Omega-3 than brands that pre-cook
They use environmentally friendly BPA free can lining
No fillers, no GMOs, no gluten, no additives

So what is the down side?  Well they are not available in my local store so I have to purchase online.  And the price is higher than what I would normally pay.  But it is also so much healthier and we all know that it is worth the extra to have quality food.  I loved that there was not any oil or water packed into the cans but my cats where not thrilled to miss out on the extra treat.  C'est la vie

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