Hearts & Bunnies

When do you say your old?  And at what point do you stop being young?  Just where is middle age?

If you figure that part out then you have to figure out how are you suppose to act.  What actions are appropriate? When and where does it matter?

Then there are those times you say what the heck, throw up your hands and decide your just going to make yourself happy.  Weather someone tells you your too old or that your not following the "rules".  So basically I did not tell anyone what my plans were this time and just went and did what I wanted.

Yes, my feet are finally done!  These are the two tattoos I have been wanting for over 3 years.  Each has a significance to me.  They are not only on my feet but also on JD's feet, just opposite ones.  

So here is the first one.  

A simple line drawing of two sets of interconnected hearts.  This is to represent the connection of choice between my daughters and I.  There is a heart that starts on the top and then comes down to complete the heart on the bottom.  The same from side to side.  Then the four of them making one interconnecting shamrock.  Two of the hearts connected are for JD and myself as mother and daughter.  The other two are connecting my step daughters to each other (they are half sisters).  The the four joins us as a family, four strong women who are so lucky (the shamrock) to have each other.  The four of us have talked about wanting a matching tattoo that we all have.  This was the design that was the winner.  This week JD and I had it done on our feet.  Now we are waiting for when the other two girls can do theirs.  I so wish we were all together to have done it as a group!

The second one is here.

This one was specific for JD and I.  We are 24 years apart in age so on the Chinese zodiac it makes us both born in the year of the Rabbit.  So as she was growing up we called each other by the nick names of Mommy Bunny and Baby Bunny.  Of course you know my signature color is pink and hers growing up was always green.  I am right handed and she is left handed so we have this tattoo on the corresponding foot.  She is just 3 weeks away from her wedding and as happy as I am for her, it feels like this is the last step away from me.  We will always be close but she is now moving on to beginning her own family.  Thus we wanted to have this tattoo done before she did.  

Okay so at 51 years old I am still acting young and to some impulsive.  But these are desires I have had for years, not a quick decision.  It is just that in a matter of the last three days, I have finally been able to fulfill them.  So what do you think?

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