Writing Prompt #1

Hey, hey....did you forget our deal.  I get the bottom of the bed and you get the top?  This is my section!  Move your feet off of my head please.


I just heard this squeaky voice telling me to move.  But I knew I was all alone in my room.  My husband had left about an hour ago and I had snuggled in for a lil bit of extra sleep.  So who did I just hear talking?

Come on, move your feet.  I have tried sleeping for the last hour and you keep kicking me around.  You have all that space up there.  Don't you know how to curl up and sleep like I do?

"Hey!  Who is in here?"

Me of course.  But if you would just move around and be a little bit quieter then I could finish my morning nap.

Okay, now I am fully awake and moving around to see who is talking in here.

Thank you!  Now.....yawnnnnn....I can finish my nap.  So shush.  Time to sleep.

I focused down at the foot of the bed.  Only thing I can see is my lil doggie curled up resting.  I looked under the bed to see nothing but the ever constant dust bunnies.  Again I look at my doggie.

Wait!  Did I just see her wink at me?  Oh man, I need to get back to sleep as this dreaming is just getting to me.  But maybe I need to curl up on the top of my bed, just in case.

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