Spring Clean Up

I am dying for Spring to get here.  It is time for me to open up my house and do some deep cleaning.  Not only will it make me feel so much better but the house will become healthier too.  Having in the natural fresh air alone will reduce my stress level.  Also it is the best way to 'freshen' the house without any chemicals or scents.  

Now since I am looking so forward to this cleaning time, I thought I would share what I use the most to clean with.  Water!  Honestly good ol fashion water.  No it is not that I am scared of anything, it just works for the majority of things.  A fresh rag (made from my old clothes) and water wipes everything down just fine.  Then the rag can be tossed into the laundry.  For the really icky things like cleaning around the toilet, I can always opt to toss the rag into the trash.  

Do I want to disinfect something while I clean?  Then I will use rubbing alcohol to wipe it down with a second time.  Need something a lil stronger?  How about some vinegar and baking soda to make a paste to scrub with?  Want it to be a lil whiter?  Use peroxide.  But all in all your really just wiping, washing off and using some good ol elbow grease.  

Watch your chemical count!
When you use household cleaners be mindful of the harmful chemicals that circulate into the air you breathe. To be safe, open a window during and after the use of these products.

Keep humidity levels (and potential mold and mildew!) in       check particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture builds up throughout the year.
Easily test the effectiveness of your fan by holding a piece of tissue paper near the fan – if the fan is removing air properly the paper will be drawn against the grill and remain there as long as the fan is on.

Clear the kitchen air after cooking and cleaning.
The kitchen is a key source of indoor air pollution especially with a gas stove, so make sure to use a range hood to remove the pollutants created from cooking and preparing meals.

Keep dust and debris at bay.
Dust is basically shed skin cells and pet dander. Dust mites feed on those particles and tend thrive in bedrooms on linens and blankets. Wash linens often in very hot water and replace pillows regularly, or cover existing pillows with anti allergenic covers. 

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