Food For Thought

I am sitting here so very full from dinner.  I did not really eat a ton of food.  It just felt like I had.  My capacity is lower now so it is not hard to hit this feeling.  But still it is uncomfortable for awhile as it works into my system.

So how does this make me think?  We actually not about food at all.  But instead of where else do I tend to over indulge at?  And can just cutting back a "bite or two" really help me feel better?  Maybe if I mentally make myself push back from things more often I can feel better overall.

Let's put this into a working theory now.  That one bite too many could be me expecting a lil too much from someone else.  Am I pushing myself too much on someone or my thoughts or desires?  Could I be a bit better of not being the full meal deal and more of the healthy option.  Might it be better to step back and look at a situation and think through what I am desiring compared to what I really need.  Then my wants will not become the focus, instead the fulfillment of my life will be the reward.

Life is about choices.  Easy ones and hard ones.  Should it also be where we start helping the hard choices become easier if we make them the priority instead of the results?  Hummm... all this is food for thought for me.

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