I was listening to a podcast about goal setting.  This is an area that I have been trying to be attentive to.  Since having been successful in my goals from last year, I have gained confidence that I can now meet other major goals.  Of course having a positive mind set is a major step.

So have you set new goals this year?  How are they fairing now that the first month is almost over?  Are you renewing your desire to succeed?  What is your plans to achieve your goals?

For us we started by setting new budget goals.  Our first step was to go on a financial diet for the whole month of January.  This was to give us a base of what do we really have in income, bills and needs.  This is the basis of the budget we will be setting up starting next month.  Our six month goal is to have some loans paid off, freeing up some income to go toward savings.  And our yearly goal is to have prepared a new way of thinking where spending is not something we turn to but something we turn away from.

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