The Reality of Painful Insanity

OMG the new medication is not going to work at all.  After two days of being in the most messed up high you can believe.  I do not understand why anyone would pay to feel this way.  My head has been ready to explode while having every thought in the world swirling around in it.  Meanwhile I have wanted to bash it through the window but I could not keep my eyes open to see where I was going.  With my eyes constantly closing you would think I could go to sleep but no way to that one during the day.  Stumbling around dizzy as could be looking like I have been on a two day drunk.  No this is not the medication for me at all!  It is certainly worse that the illness it is suppose to be helping me get over.  So I am not taking it tonight and hoping I can get it out of my system over the weekend as it is an extended release medication.  For the next few days I am just going to remember that my reality is really much brighter than the pain I have been feeling.

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