Catching Up and Working Out

So what is going on around here? As you have summarized, I am sure, I am not home much.  That is the truth.  Off at someone else's home so much of the time.  House/dog/people sitting or volunteer at the local animal shelter quite often.  And I miss my blog.  Really.  Been so busy trying to get this weight off, working out, walking and learning how to jog too.  But it is time to get back to my life.

I thought maybe I could do a run down and lil bit of a catch up too.  Yes, the weight loss has been a major operation for me every day.  I have just recently started trying to slow down some there and see where I am leveling out at.  As I told you I am now down 100 pounds.  Yipee!  So how have I done this.  Well yes, I did have surgery.  But that has not been the one and only at all.  I have changed my diet so very much.  No sodas since last fall.  Cut carbs to almost nothing honestly.  Tons and tons of protein is what I tend to eat.  Fat is a major no no with me too!  Exercise has jumped to the fore front of my life too.  Walking tons, and as I said learning how to jog.  Easier said than done.  Weights with hand weights and bands for exercise.  

Oh you know how I love to dance, so it is not surprising that I am using a Zumba Gold Cardio Party DVD to work out with.  It was in the Vitamin World Ultra Woman 50 Plus daily multi-pack box.  So not only do I get to dance and jiggle and jive but I also have my energy busted with the packets of vitamins that are helping with my energy metabolism, menopausal support (oh yes!), bones and joint health and healthy aging.  Hate to admit it but at almost 51 years old I need all the help and support I can get.  There is a DVD and a CD for the Cardio Party that came with this set up.  So music that I can work out to or like I did, recorded it to my iPod so I could listen while jogging.  I love that this supplement set up did not have added iron as I have issues with that and my body.  But it did have so much that I seek out.  The B vitamins to help me have good energy and emotional support too.  Calcium and magnesium for my bones, especially now that I can eat so little.  Black cohosh is a good one for my hot flashes and night sweats and the coenzymen Q-10 for the energy of my heart, brain and muscles.  I am using it all now and need the extra kick in the patootie for energy.  There is all the C and zink and D and and and  yes all of the stuff I need.  A packet of vitamins that I have just thrown several in my bag, car and purse so where ever I am I can take them without any fuss at all.  Also harder to forget when they travel so easy.  The limited edition Vitamin World Ultra Woman Daily Vitamin Packs featuring Zumba® are available for $69.99, and $49.99 for members, exclusively at and in Vitamin World stores in Ultra Woman, Ultra Woman Sport and Ultra Woman 50 Plus formulas to suit every body.

With me losing the weight it has caused some skin issues.  One that I did not expect was looking a little drawn out and dried out too.  I know that I am outside in the sun a lot now.  And have a pretty kicking tan from all the working out.  But I needed some replacement of moisterizer too.  I wanted something that was not heavy and oily feeling.  I started using Valentia Skin Care's Even Glow Serum.  This is a kickass antioxidant skin treatment.  Not heavy, not oily and has 20% vitamin C too boot with 98% natural ingredients.

I have also been working hard with my bands for exercise.  Do you do this?  You know the lil elastic ones that your pull and twist and pull again with?  I am using videos on You Tube to work out with.  Here is the one I started with.  And do you have one to suggest for me to use? 


I do have products here I have been given for review.  But all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Nothing has been paid for nor do I give favorable reviews just by receiving products either.

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