100lbs Lost!

today @ 168 lbs
before @ 268 lbs

As of today, July 2nd 2014, I have lost 100 lbs.  I can not tell you how this makes me feel.  So happy, excited and proud.  I am now able to run half a mile (be it a quarter mile at a time).  In the mornings I walk dogs at the local animal shelter as a volunteer.  Then I tend to go to the track to walk and run (very slowly).  And am started up so strength training with hand weights and bands.  Oh and I am down from a size 26W to a size 14 too.  Wow!


  1. Congratulations that is so totally awesome! You should be so proud of yourself!!! I need to loose a 150 lbs.

  2. OMGoodness! Wow! You look amazing!


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