Doing Good

Well life is progressing for us.  Granny M and Big Brother have moved into their own home now.  Dear Hubby has had to have some more heart surgery.  And I am completely recovered from my gastric sleeve and my gall bladder surgeries.  Now to just rock and roll.

I am back to my dog/house/child sitting jobs too.  Currently I am in south Texas caring for my bff's daughter while my bff is working out of town.  I really enjoy this as it gives us some bonding time.  It is beautiful in Texas right now.  Lovely 70 degree weather, nice winds and the area is all turning green.  You can get out and walk in your shorts and t-shirt at almost any given time too.  The only thing I miss is a walking buddy.  It seems I am gone most of the time.  And when I am home The Other Mother has been out of commission.

Oh Granny M has opened up a Coffee Club at her house.  You can pop in any day but Sunday from 6:30 til 11:00 and join in for coffee or a bite to eat.  She has a big ol' coffee cup (Aunt Rene you know the big one you sent to me.) where you can drop in donations to off set the cost to her.  Her dining room is big enough to seat 10 at any given time so it is pretty comfortable.  And with these pretty days you will find many of us sitting on the patio outside too.  If your in our area join us!  If your not then hurry on down, it is a nice quiet place to live.

Nothing amazing.  Life, good and steady.  I am down 77 pounds so far.  Happy about that.  Working at what I can, cleaning all I can as I am OCD.  Relearning my Dear Hubby since we have our home to ourselves.  It is good, different and quiet....oh oh oh so quiet.

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