I Win So You Win Too!

Hello everyone!  I am just 10 days out of surgery and doing great.  So much so that after having my first check up I have already been released.  Yes, my Doctor said there was not a reason to come back unless I became ill.  I am working hard on my own to heal, become healthier and learn what I need to do each step of the way.

I have to say it feels great for my surgeon to have told me he never had a more perfect surgery and my doctor to tell me I have this down perfect.  It makes me feel that all the preparation before hand was well worth it.  I made a strong effort to lose weight first, exercise regular, learn how to eat better (thanks Weight Watchers) and keep a great mental attitude about it.  I also studied about the surgery and my diet afterwards.

So with all this said how is it going?  Fine is what I tell everyone.  I am walking 2.5 miles a day.  Losing well (as to be expected for the beginning) while watching how I can increase my protein.  I am currently off ALL my medications too!  My doctor agrees that we should see how things are going.  We will add in anything as I need it but currently agree that we will not start any of my old medication until then.  Now this is stopping medication for my arthritis, bladder control, mental health and fibromyalgia.  Until I see signs of needing any help things are going great.

The other day I posted a review about my personal motto "There is always time to . . . DANCE!" going up on my walls thanks to WiseDecor.  Well to celebrate how great things are going they are offering you a chance to get your own personal quote for your wall.  What would you put up on your walls?  Do you wish to pick from their premade quotes?  Or is there something that makes your own heart sing?  Well here is your chance to shout it to your roof top and enjoy your own inspiration.  Just enter on the rafflecopter form below.

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  1. I would love a home is where the heart is wall quote.

  2. May this home be blessed with
    The laughter of children
    The warmth of a close family
    Hope for the future
    And fond memories of the past

    Lilhottemomma@yahoo.com Amy


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