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Hello Crazed Mind Fans,

This is Charity Kehl hijacking Lynette's blog for today! She's introduced me, or rather my work, to you before, but now I am working on a whole new project and I need a lot of help!

First, let me give you a little info about me in case you missed one of the previous posts made about my work. I am an artist. I do photography (my main passion), painting, mixed media, crochet, drawing, sewing and probably more that I haven't thought of while typing this. It is very hard for an artist to make a living doing what they love. For photographers, the market is dropping out from under us due to the ease of purchasing a rather nice digital camera that is still budget friendly. (With that in mind, a quick warning. Don't get your portraits done by just anyone because they offer a great deal and call themselves a photographer. Do your research and go with someone you have been referred to and whose work you love even if it is a little more expensive.) My greatest love in photography is artistic photography. 

My reason for commandeering this blog today, however, is to share a HUGE new project that I have been working out for quite some time. I started putting it down in words a few months ago and I like to think I explained the idea pretty well. The short and skinny of it is, I want to make a magazine. It will be filled with art and poetry based on colors. I have a particular love for color theory. (For more information on Color Theory click here. 

I need to raise money to cover certain costs (outlined in the fund raising proposal) so that I can fully concentrate on making this magazine a worldwide sensation for artists and art lovers. A large part of the magazine will be my own artistic photography, and this is where a large part of the funds I need raised will come in to play. As of right now, all the artistic shoots I have done have been super low budget. While I have been happy with the outcome, I find myself wondering how much more I could do with funds for costumes, props, make up artists and off the wall locations. These are things I can't obtain on my meager budget.

So, please take a moment and visit the fundraising link to learn more about this project. The goal is large, but with a lot of people helping just a little bit it can be reached! Thank you for reading, now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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