WW for PP

Today is my first day to start Weight Watchers.  Yes, it is time to join a group.  I can not do this alone.  Not at all.  Thankfully two of the ladies I housesit for are members.  So I have that extra support too.  Now you understand why I looking for healthier ways of eating and better choices.

I know that I am looking to have surgery.  In doing so I need to know how to eat regular meals.  Also how to measure my food and to make good food choices.  I think that Weight Watchers will be a great tool to help me learn just how to do this.  They started me off with a journal to put my food choices in.  It will help me to look at what I am eating and when I am eating.  Each item is assigned points plus and that is how I count what I have taken in and what I still need to eat that day.

I am such a yo-yo eater.  From one day of not eating much of anything at all.  To another day of over eating.  One day I can make great low fat choices and then the next day I am attacking carbs.  I hope that by looking at my journal I can learn to balance.  Also to learn that I can eat all kinds of food and not have to over do it every time.

It is a learning curve.  And I am ready to learn.  This is all part of my weight loss goals.  None of this is for review or pay.  Just my travels and choices.

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