Egg Face

Here is my egg white rant.  Yes, I am ranting about egg whites. 

You see I went to a local restaurant to have breakfast with JD.  I am trying to diet so I thought I could order a veggie omelet to make it a healthy choice.  As a matter of fact I ordered it to be made with egg whites.  This is the very first time I have ever asked for an egg white dish as a matter of fact.  

But oh my what a response I received.  I was told no.  Yes, no, by the waitress.  She did not even go to the back to check with the kitchen staff.  Instead she told me that no I could not have an dish made with egg whites as it was wasteful.  I am not kidding.

I did not ask for extra eggs.  I only asked to remove the yokes.  I did not ask for a price difference either.  I was just looking out for my health.  Never did I expect to be told no.  I have heard so many have move to egg whites only.  This did not seem unreasonable.  But never did I expect to be told that it would not be fixed due to it being wasteful.

Sadly we only have two full service restaurants in town that serve breakfast.  The other one does not even make omelets.  So I do not have many choices in our small small town for breakfast.  The donut palace is tempting.  Too tempting as a matter of fact.  Thankfully I saw on TV that Sonic is now offering all of their breakfast items to be made with egg whites.  Gosh, they do not feel it is wasteful at all.

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