Literary Smorgasbord

Well I have once again been devouring books.  It is a habit of mine.  Thus I need to toss them out here so you can see which ones you might be interested in.  All of the following books were sent to me for review.  My opinion is all my own.  And as always....this is all unpaid!

Just What Kind of Mother are You?  This novel by Paula Daly is every mom's day to day life.  Work, family, responsibilities, caring, running, cleaning and on and on and on.  Til one day we all tire out and decide we need a break.  It is just that one time we all dread.  That one time we are tired, weak and drop the ball.  That one time when the worst happens.  Now this seems to be the story line...nope this is the build up.  The real story is the behind the scenes one.  Now the thriller begins.  Is it the mom's fault for letting the worst happen or is there something working that no one wants to admit?

Conquer Your Stress with Mind/body Techniques by Kathy Gruver, Phd, LMT, RM.  Now if you know anything about me you know this is a book that I am devouring.  Stress is my friend, bosom buddy and at times my bed partner.  It seems to know how to curl up with me, lay in my arms and ride on my back.  If your a mom who lives and breaths then you know stress too!  I know much of this book and other parts I have only hit upon here and there.  It is written a little more analytical than I like though.  There is a need to have your notes and documentation but I do not need it as foot notes.  So yes, I can take away good from this book but it will not be bed time reading for I would fall asleep way too soon!

Pom-Poms! is another way to break up stress or when you knock your self out from doing the same thing over and over again.  Have you never made a pom-pom?  If not then look at this and learn.  If you have then guess is a puffy ball made from some sort of material.  You can then use it as you decide.  But once you have a pom-pom you will really want to move on to something else....real soon!

The Sleeping Beauty: A Journey to the Ballet of the Mariinsky Theatre with the beautiful art work of Nikita Polyansky.  Now let me start of by telling you my first love of reading came from reading nursery rhymes, fables and fairy tales.  And my favorite book to this day is my childhood book of Cinderella with amazing art work inside.  So you now can see why I am all in love with this book.  It is hitting all the marks.  The pen and ink with water coloring works of art build page by page.  Til I am not only seeing the story unfold but hearing the music of the ballet in the brush strokes.  I pray my granddaughter loves this book for years to come as I loved the one mentioned above that I  received from my grandmother.

Animals Everywhere is a pop up book that is pretty much just that.  Animals with their names and a pop up on every other page.  But what makes this book so good is.....

Okay I had to laugh.  Dear Hubby is terrified of sharks.  When I saw it was the very first pop up in the book, well I could not help it.  This book will go on for the Grandbabes.  But they know Coppie is scared of sharks so I bet they try and do the very same thing too!

Well there are more books but that is it for today.  Ta Ta folks.

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