Snack Crazy Smart

Today I am hungry.  Really it seems to be all I can think of.  I know it does not help smelling the chicken cooking in the slow cooker right now.  Hoping to make chicken n' dumplings for Dear Hubby, Big Bro and Granny M for dinner tonight.  But in the mean time I am looking for all kinds of things to eat that will not tear  up any diet ideas.

I started my day off with my favorite of coffee, oatmeal, bacon and toast.  This is my favorite breakfast.  

Then life hit the fast track and busy as a bee I became.  Missed any lunch so 3 p.m. hit me with a roaring tummy.  I needed something quick and crunchy too so I would feel like I had something to eat.  Thankfully I grabbed a partial bag of Smart Fries.  Have you had any yet?  Oh a big change from chips and even more so from french fries.  These are air popped potato sticks.  I have a bag I started the other day at lunch time.  Even though there are low calories and even lower fat I still am trying to limit the size of my snacks.  This bag was the Vinegar Splash flavor that has 110 calories with 15 calories from fat.  The bag is light as air so it is only 1 ounce in weight but filled to the brim.  Oh and let you know there is also only 2 grams of fat for the whole bag.  Pretty amazing snack.

Yesterday Dear Hubby shared some of his Cracked Pepper and Salt Smart Fries.  Oh those I loved.  So far my favorite ones I have tried.  If your looking for a sweeter snack try the Cinnamon Swirl then.  Granny M polished off the Jalapeno Trio so I did not get to try and see if they have a bite.  No we are not asking that proud Texan, she loves hot food so it would have to be super hot for her to notice if they were too much.  I know I want to try out the Pop Rings next.  Yes, a healthy onion ring.  Now your talking.  Thanks to Gourmet Basics for sharing with me.  

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