Kids are Smart

You can't fool kids.  They are smart lil whipper snappers.  And children that are use to healthy foods respond to healthy alternatives.  Children who are not just don't!  Let me share with you.

Grandbabes week lesson number one.  Shopping for food.  Now all of these kiddos love their fruit and veggies fresh.  Honestly.  Put some cut up apples, celery, carrots and melon in front of them and it is gone.  Give them a roll up of turkey and cheese, flash pow zoom!  Eaten.  But mix up something that is good for them and sneak it in.  No way!

I had Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood to try out.  They have a chocolate flavor that we did in milk thinking that it would be great with breakfast.  There was also a berry flavor that was in water.  This we was sure would be slurped up  just like the water drinks we have been doing all week.  Nope, sorry they caught us in no time at all.  I think they have a healthy sneaky parent radar.  The child that is use to a vegetarian lifestyle did not balk at these mix ins.  But the kiddos that eat more like every other kid called us on it.

What gave it away?  Well the chocolate flavor mix in still left a 'green' speckled mix on top.  Even after I mixed it using a blender.  There was also a lil green taste to it to tell the truth.  On the berry water mix?  Well it was a bit grainy.  So yeah we were caught.  But like I said the child that was use to these flavors loved it.  Just not going to be able to not tell the others we are trying out healthy alternatives.

I do wish to thank Amazing Grass for sharing with us.  1 out of 3 kiddos was happy.  Just letting you know kids know what is good for them.  Some of them are lucky enough to be raised eating that way from the beginning.  Others just like getting it naturally.

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