Zesty Secret

Do you have a cooking secret?  You know that one lil ingredient that you do not tell anyone about.  Yeah, you got it right.  "Here is my secret recipe yet I forgot one thing that makes it all mine."  I think every mom has this one hiding in the back of the cabinet.  Well I guess it is time that I come out in the open and fess up.  Here is my zesty secret ingredient.

Colman's Mustard.  Yes, that lil yellow can that you remember being in your mom's and grandmother's spice cabinet. The brand was founded 200 years ago and has been a spicy flavoring staple for generations. The mustard was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria in 1966, and continues to be used in the Royal Kitchen.  When you need just one more lil bit of zest added to a dish then pull this one out.  I like to put it in with my eggs for my home made quiche.

Just add a lil dash!

But you don't have to tell anyone your secret unless you want too!

Isn't it beautiful!

I had served it up with our Salmon Burgers the other night.

Yes, once again we took out our Colman's Mustard.  This time in the jar though to use on the burgers.

What a great dinner.

You can check out Colman's Mustard online at:

There some recipes here:

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