Eggplant Chili Rellenos

I wanted to share today's wonderful meal.  It all started when I was pondering what to fix.  So I went over what did I have available.  Once again I am house/pet sitting in another person's home.  It is always a challenge to think of what to fix for meals.  First I bring all of my own food with me on these jobs.  Second with our budget I buy what is on sale and what is in season.  So let me give you a quick rundown of what I had on hand and cost for it too.

1 Eggplant
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
4 Poblano Peppers 
1 Tomato
(All 6 of these items were in the discount bin in one bag for $2.00.)
2 Ears of Corn (10 ears for $3.00 makes these .60 cents.)
1/2 Onion (.99 cents for one so equals .50 cents.)
1 Avocado (bought 2 for .99 so again .50 cents.)
1 Lemon (at 5 for 1.00 this was .20 cents.)
Grated Cheese (bag was 3.99 and I used about 1/4th of it, that equals 1.00.)
Vegetable Oil (2.99 a bottle, used a 10th thus .30 cents.)
I had salt, pepper, olive oil and chili powder available but will allow .90 cents to cover cost.)
Total cost = $6.00
Served 2 people so $3.00 a plate

I peeled and chopped up the eggplant.

Heated a splash of olive oil to start cooking the egg plant in.

I added 1/4 of the onion cut up.

Seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.

Splashed the juice of 1/2 a lemon into the mix.

Added 1/4 of the yellow bell pepper chopped up.

Then seasoned with chili powder. I do not measure but would judge it was about 3 tablespoons since I really love the taste.

Then I did a splash of water to help it cook down.

When it was done, the eggplant mix was transferred to a bowl.  I added the grated cheese then.  

Mixed it all up and set it aside.

Then I took my poblano peppers.

Cut off the tops and removed all of the seeds inside.

Then I stuffed them with my eggplant cheese mix.

Heated up the vegetable oil in the same skillet that I cooked the eggplant in.  

Not much oil as you see.  Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

Be gentle when you turn the peppers over so you do not loose the stuffing.

This already looks good on the plate.  

But I am not done.

While I was cooking I took the rest of the onion and bell pepper along with the juice of the rest of the lemon.

Mixed it in a bowl with the kernels of two ears of fresh corn.

Then I diced up the tomato to the mix.

Stir this all up and it becomes the salad to top the peppers with.

Oh and remember that avocado?  Well I sliced half of it onto each plate.

Now this is a restaurant worthy plate!  Remember this was only $3.00 a plate too.

Dear Hubby was happy to have his lunch served up while he relaxed.

He even gave me a two thumbs up for the taste.

Yeah, this was all that was finished.

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  1. That sure does look yummy! I have never had eggplant. I did break down and buy some to plant in the garden this year. I figured how could I go wrong with spending $2 on six plants until..............the d@mn rabbits ate all six of them!


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