Cooking Perfection

I have the most perfect birthday present for The Other Mother.  You know we are major foodies.  And she cooks like a demon yet serves up food for an angel.  Everything she trys out is always amazing to me.  Look at what she did for some of the birthdays around here.

This was a birthday cake for a friend.  She showed off his trademark for his business.

Here is a pan of fresh lovely cinnamon rolls. 

This was JD's birthday cake.  Oh and inside is rainbow layers.  Perfect!

And for me she made a dozen BACON roses.  

If she sees it she can pretty well make it.  So I have Heather Christo's Generous Table cookbook for her.  I love that this does not go in traditional cookbook style.  Not meats, veggies, desserts...blah.  But instead it is set up for different occasions.  You are looking for something for a Tea Party for Princess Emma.  BANG!  There it is.  How about Girl's Night Out or Sunday Dinner or a Grown Up Picnic.  BANG, BANG, BANG! Right now The Other Mother is pulling out zucchini by the bucket fulls from her garden.  I can not wait for her to make Zucchini Lemon Cupcakes from Heather's recipe.  There is also Beet Chocolate Cake and of course the traditional Carrot Cake.  All ways to put those lovely veggies into the kiddos and not have to tell them!  

I also want to pull out the Couscous Salad with Cherries and Feta to send to my dear boy in the metroplex.  His wife is vegetarian and he cooks many dishes for her.  I bet this would be a winner for them both.  There is something for everyone here.  Be it S'mores Cake for the grandbabes or Nectarine Mojitos for the ladies. You know sitting on the front porch on a late summer evening calls for a nice drink.  If you have a desires for something fresh, delicious and with a new twist.  You can find it with Heather Christo's Generous Table.

I was not paid for this.  Nor was I asked to write this.  I just fell in love with this cookbook the moment I saw it.

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