Arrest Your Handbag

I am so relaxed on my 'staycation' while I dog sit for friends.  They were ever so blessed to be able to visit family in Europe.  As luck would have it, I was able to share my Handbag Handcuff with Jan to keep her purse and bags safe while traveling.  She loved the red leather on it and said that the actual 'cuff' was very strong.  This will work out fine when toting luggage and bags to and fro as you have to do when hopping from country to country.

Sadly she has noticed (as well as Granny M did too) that the ring needs to be larger in diameter. Too often it does not have a large enough opening and enclosure to fit on many dining chairs.  You could cuff your purse to your shopping bags and hang it over the chair back.  It does keep things off the floor that way.  But it is great for that horrid front seat crash of your purse.  Now just lock it up and go.

And are you super woman like me?  It seems that moms do not wish to make trips back and forth to the car to carry in groceries.  I know that my fingers can be red while I try to carry every bag possible in one trip.  I keep telling myself just a lil bit more and I can get blood flow back to my fingers.  The Handbag Handcuff fixes that for us all.

Are you like me in that your constantly leaving your shopping cart at one end of the isle so you can quickly grab just one thing.  Pushing a full cart around is tiring.  Especially if you have the one with the wonky wheel. You know what I mean.  Thus I push, dash and run over someone.  Why?  Because I keep looking behind me to make sure my purse is safe.  It will be now because I am cuffing it to the cart so no one can just grab it in a flash.

I wish to thank Handcuff Handbag and Beth Corets who invented it after vowing to end the slow motion horror of helplessly watching the contents of her purse onto her car floor spill every time she turned the wheel or stepped on the brakes. I did receive one to review.

The Handbag Handcuff restraint debuts in two colors (Cherry and Midnight) and is priced at $ 42.   The bag restraint is strong and lightweight, featuring specially designed cuffs and luxurious stain-and fade-resistant fabrics vegan that were selected for form and functionality. It is small enough to carry in your bag and very durable.

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