Pizza Night IN!

Mile High Pizza!

JD and me piled on the topping.  Fantastic that it all Stonefire Authentic Tandoori Naan
held up so well on

We actually had three layers of cheese on each one and they still cooked all the way through.  Better yet the Naan had a nice crispy bottom and was tender on the top.  

Doesn't this make you hungry?  I lucked out with Stonefire sending me three packages (2 each inside) of their Naan bread.  Of course there was the original Naan.  I loved the whole grain for it's high dietary fiber content.  But the best in flavor was the garlic.  Yeah, I know everything is better with a lil garlic.  We also have their new Italian thin pizza crust with sauce.  Granny M, Dear Hubby and Big Bubba tried this one at home. (Remember I am pet/house sitting right now.)  Dear Hubby said it was wonderful.  But it must have been quite filling too for they actually had a fourth of it left over for Big Bubba's lunch the next day.  
Make sure you check out the recipes they have.  I really love the 15 minute meals section!  And remember to check them out on facebook too.

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