You Put the Lime in the Kiwi

Well if one is not ready for summer then it is time to get ready.
Pull out the sun screen, a big floppy hat and make a killer cool drink.

 Kiwi Margarita:
·      3 not-too-ripe kiwi fruits, fresh frozen, peeled, and cut into chunks
·      3 oz. chilled silver tequila
·      1 1/2  oz. fresh lime juice
·      1 1/2 oz. citrus syrup or triple sec
·      small handful of cracked ice
·      garnish – sparkling sugar crystals and a slice of unpeeled kiwi and papaya
1.     Place all ingredients in a blender, blending briefly (don’t over-blend).
2.     Add more syrup or lime if needed.
3.     Serve in wide-mouthed margarita glasses.
4.     Add garnish.

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