Fire Breathing Coffee

I just had to show off this fire breathing coffee.  It is something I just have to try.

This coffee combines spiced brandy and a strong African roast like a Sumatran. Mason's Restaurant used to create this drink tableside. It is no longer available at the restaurant (for the obvious fire-hazard reasons), but can certainly beat home. The proportions have been changed to accommodate a coffee mug. 

Cafe Diablo

1 12-ounce coffee mug, preheated 
2 cubes sugar 
1 1/2 jiggers brandy 
1/2 jigger Grand Marnier 
5-8 whole cloves 
1 strip orange peel 
1 strip lemon peel 
8 ounces Kenyan or Sumatran brewed coffee 

Gently heat all of the ingredients except the coffee in a chafing dish or, if one is not available, a saucepan. Pour the hot coffee into coffee mug. The brandy should begin to release its aroma after a few minutes. At this point, ignite the brandy and allow the flames to burn for 15-20 seconds, then ladle the brandy mixture over the hot coffee. Mix the coffee and brandy together. Serves one.

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